👋 Hello, I'm Billy Sweetman

Head of design at Headway. Launching products and growing our design team.

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Continual Glucose Monitor

Product Design | UX | UI

This client project came to us for a full app redesign with new core objectives that aligned more closely with their core market. The goal was to increase clarity by providing more information about how food affects your blood sugar levels, and educate customers about blood sugar and how it works.



Product Design | UX | UI

World-class soccer skills coaching and growth at your fingertips. Growing players in the MLS, college, and youth sports


Venue Twin & One Plan

Product Design | UX | UI

One Plan is an interactive web-based event planning tool. It allows events to plan and visualize their event in 3D. Our team helped re-imagine their product and helped launch various marketing initiatives.


Fort Howard Football Club

Branding | Web Design

Inspired by Venice Beach Football Club I wanted to create something similar for the Green Bay area. Covid put that plan on hold but now that it's almost in the clear it might be time to resurrect this project.


Strafe Blaster 2

Game Design | 3D Art

I love video games and sometimes I miss making them. So in my limited free time, I do spend some time working on this small game project.

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Design Handoffs

Discover how to coordinate with your development team and provide them what they need!


Design Systems

Need help with design systems? Learn how we build design systems and manage them through every step of the process.


Husband 2x girl dad. 🇩🇪 Born, ex game dev. Shreddin' the web.


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